About Us

As a professional musician, I have a deep appreciation for what it takes to motivate young students to play. A lot goes into good sound. Excellent teachers, practice, and of course a great instrument. The playability of an instrument can make an enormous difference in a student’s progress – a poor quality instrument might discourage one from playing altogether. This is why I have taken such a keen interest in procuring only the best instruments to the musical education community – and at the best prices.

Some of you may already know me from Hammond Ashley. I am happy to bring my expertise to the community now at my own new shop, San Diego Violins. Whether I am hand-selecting quality instruments for my sales and rental collections, or repairing instruments, or helping you find just the right instrument for your style of playing (and your budget), it is all work that I am passionate about. I invite you to come visit and try out an instrument (or two)… or just drop by to say hello.

Erik Johnson of San Diego Violins

Erik Johnson
San Diego Violins