Apps for Tuning Your Instrument

Posted by Cameron Doyle on July 17, 2015
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Looking for a tuner can be troublesome! Here is a list for you:

ProTuner Lite – Chromatic Tuner Price: Free

Tuner Lite by Plusadd                     Price: Free

Guitar Tuner!                                    Price: $2.99

Chromatic Guitar Tuner                 Price: Free

Guitar Tuner – GuiTune Lite         Price: $0.99

Ukulele Toolkit – Tuner                  Price: $3.99

Guitar Tuner                                     Price:Free

Musician’s Kit – Tuner                   Price: Free

ProTuner – Chromatic Tuner       Price: $0.99

Tuner!!                                             Price: $0.99

Epic Chromatic Tuner                  Price: Free

Martin Guitar Tuner                     Price: Free

Tactson Tuner Master                  Price: $1.99

String Tuner                                   Price: $3.99

Tuner & Metronome –

Soundcorset                                   Price: Free

Pitch – Chromatic Tuner             Price $0.99

TuneORama                                  Price: $2.99

PitchPerfect                                  Price: Free

Maestro Violin Tuner                 Price: $0.99

Viola Tune Price                          Price: $0.99

Violin Tuner Simple                   Price: $0.99

String Wizard                     Price: Free

Violin Tune                                  Price: $0.99

Fiddle Tuner                              Price: $0.99

Dulcimer Tuner Simple

Mixolydian                                 Price: $0.99

Cello Tune                                  Price: $0.99

Mandolin Tuner                       Price: $2.99

Bass Tuner                                Price: Free






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